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Universal AirParrot Universal License works on macOS or Windows US$19.99 Select
Windows AirParrot Windows Only License works on Windows only US$15.99 Select
Mac@2x AirParrot Mac Only License works on macOS only US$15.99 Select

AirParrot Activates Audio Streaming on Your Windows Computer

Mac vs. Windows: Both have their benefits and disadvantages as media streaming devices. The gap between OS functionalities can be frustrating, as some features are exclusive to one family of devices.

One feature that is native to Mac computers is wireless audio streaming. AirPlay audio is a convenient way to listen to music and other audio files in a multitude of environments. However, this feature is not found on Windows computers.

AirParrot bridges the gap by improving Mac audio streaming and positions Windows as a media streaming device with identical capabilities.

The audio-only streaming option in AirParrot 3 uses AirPlay display to open up a whole realm of opportunities for Windows computers.

  • Wirelessly stream to any AirPlay-enabled speaker.
  • Stream to as many speakers or receivers as you want with multiple destination support. Fill the room with the music that matters most to you.
  • Auto sync keeps all of your music in sync when streaming to multiple destinations.
  • AirParrot lets you control volume for each receiver individually for a customizable listening experience.

Stream from Spotify, Pandora or your favorite audio player, or use AirPlay display to drag and drop your file into AirParrot to listen instantly!

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